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Post COVID Economy Reboot and Safety

The Covid mandates have run their course and should end.  Divisions created among us need to heal. Going forward, we should not judge neighbors based on vaccine status or mask-wearing.  Everyone should be allowed to do their own risk assessment.  No one should lose their job or be denied entry to city facilities or public accommodations on the basis of their vaccine or vaccination status.


Small businesses have been badly hurt by COVID-19; however, this also presents an opportunity for new growth and identity.  As city council member for District 3, I will be on the forefront of city's response effort and would develop a comprehensive economic plan to revive our neighborhoods based on innovation, entrepreneurship, and opportunities from incoming high-tech companies.

Wood Frame of House


The Bay Area has a real shortage of affordable housing.  The best way to prevent new homelessness is to build affordable housing and offer rent vouchers to prevent new homelessness.  While I believe all districts should step forward and offering affordable housing, I believe building them with high density, and lowered costs, at transit-rich neighborhoods are the best choices.

Image by Gio Almonte


San Jose has always embraced our diversity. It's what makes our city so great and beautiful. But that diversity is threatened by our shortage of housing that a diverse population can afford. We need to offer different options:  beautiful and reasonably priced homes, affordable houses, and supported housing to accommodate our diverse residents.

We also need to offer interim options such as tiny homes and converted motels.  Finally, we need to have multiple government agencies and non-profits, religious groups, and family all working together.


Good transportation not only attracts good companies to relocate to San Jose, it also reduces traffic and congestion, making our environment better.  San Jose will have BART, high speed rail, and electrified Caltrain connecting us around the Bay and to the Central Valley and Beyond.  We will also build transit-oriented housing to make these stations living stations.  In addition, we will need a local mobility network to transport our residents to these stations.  For a webinar moderated by Elizabeth on transportation please 

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Improving Our Schools

Our children only get one shot at a

great education. 

The coronavirus pandemic has taken a tremendous toll on our children's learning. Moving forward, we need to afford parents and teachers alike the support they need.  We need to demand reduced class sizes. We must also invest in mental health education, which in addition to its health benefits, also yields better learning.   Finally, all children are given options to choose what they want to achieve.  We will facilitate mentorship opportunities between corporation and schools early so children can be exposed to career choices early.  We will offer summer and after school internships to high school seniors to they can learn to be productive working members of the society as early as possible.

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